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Duvell is a metal machine that doesn’t skimp out on anything related to playability and tone. It’s a superstrat-shaped instrument with bolt-on neck and pointed horns for aggressive look. This guitar comes in two main flavours: standard and Elite.

“When I visited Namm 2014, I tried the prototype Duvell made for Misha, I fell in love right away. It was one of the most comfortable guitars I’ve ever played that sounded aggressive and tight, great the for the music I play. Mayones craft amongst the best guitars on the market today. Very unique instruments that have been given a lot of love during their build!”

– John Browne / Monuments

“If you’re looking for an ultra-high quality metal machine that doesn’t skimp out on anything related to playability and tone, then the Duvell is for you! They aren’t cheap, but no quality instrument is ever going to be cheap. Personally, I rarely order new guitars, but I placed an order for a Duvell Elite with a pale moon ebony fretboard after playing this guitar. That should say enough.”

– Wired Guitarist

“The attention to detail that Mayones put into every single one of their instruments is very apparent – it radiates from the tip of my Duvell’s headstock all the way down to the input jack. You need to hold one in your hands to really appreciate this level of craftsmanship.”

– Luke Hoskin / Protest The Hero

ModelDuvell (discontinued)Duvell BLDuvell EliteDuvell Elite V-FDuvell Elite Gothic
Top WoodFlamed MapleNo Top WoodEye PoplarFlamed MapleAsh
Neck WoodMaple-MahoghanyWenge-PurpleheartWenge-PurpleheartWenge-PurpleheartWenge-Purpleheart
Body StyleFlat, SlimFlat, SlimFlat, SlimFlat, SlimFlat, Slim
FingerboardPau Ferro / RosewoodEbonyEbonyEbonyEbony
FretsNickel/SilverStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
BridgeHipshot FixedHipshot FixedHipshot FixedHipshot Fixed MultiscaleHipshot Fixed
PickupsSeymour Duncan HHSeymour Duncan HHSeymour Duncan HHBare Knuckle HH SlantedSeymour Duncan HH
TunersHipshot GripLockHipshot GripLockHipshot GripLockHipshot GripLockHipshot GripLock
DUVELL 2019 FACELIFT – Updated heel design, armrest & back contours.

Duvell BL

Duvell Elite

Duvell Elite V24

Duvell Elite PRO

Duvell Elite Gothic


Last Models Available. Discontinued shortly
We no longer collect orders for this instrument, however they are still being built for backorders of our representatives all around the World.
If you wish to buy this model, please contact Mayones dealer near you.

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