Perfectly set-up guitar is like  a work of art.
It requires tremendous knowledge & experience and proper tools that allow our luthiers to express their skill.

Our team – after thousands and thousands of finished guitars – is perfectly capable of making the fretwork just right with just the basic tools, used in luthiery since it` s inception. Mayones Guitars & Basses are renowned by players all around the world for their quality, tone and comfort than rivals everything on the market currently.

Since we strive to make constant improvements we combine the skill of a master craftsmen with modern technology. PLEK is not only an excellent diagnostic tool that allows us to scan new guitars to make sure they`re perfect, it also allows for levels of precision outside of what humand hands are capable of.

We were the first company in Poland to start using PLEK in 2013.  After 5 years we have perfected the mix of old school knowledge and feel for a great playing instrument with the know-how to use newest & finest tools to push the playbality even further.

Once you play your new Mayones Guitar for the first time you`ll know the difference.
Nearly 40 years of experience & finest modern tools create a combination that makes all our guitars a dream to play right out of the box.

Modern Technology of a PLEK Machine
35 years of Luthiery Experience

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