INSPIRATION Series Guitars


“Mayones and I have been working together coming up to six years so when this became an opportunity I was excited. I’ve been lucky enough to have owned, toured, and tracked with a lot of their guitars with all kinds of different specs, woods and pickups.
The RS6i and RS7i are a culmination of my favourite specs that sound rich, resonant and hold up perfectly on the road. The roasted maple and ash back yields a lighter feel with a brighter sound. The top features a stunning darkened lava burst finish on a 5A grade Quilted Maple.
This guitar wouldn’t have happened without Tim Mills from Bare Knuckle Pickups, we went through a lot of different pickup styles landed on a ceramic Nailbomb bridge pickup accompanied by a VHII neck. This guitar is inspired by the first guitar Mayones built for me (hence the ‘i’) and it’s an absolute machine built for the heaviest of heavies and the cleanest of cleans.
Thank you Mateusz, Michael, David and the team for making my dreams come true.”

– Ryan Siew


“The 6 string Legend that was built by my friends at Mayones happened to be my personal dream guitar. The sound, the finish, the general aesthetic – it’s all there to the point that I pretty much recorded a whole album using only this instrument. I couldn’t be more grateful and excited about our relationship. Here’s to all the next years spent together!’”

Jakub Żytecki

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