Ever since I started using Mayones four years ago, I’ve never felt the need to switch. They are perfect for the tone and feel I look for in a guitar. I found myself preferring the Setius model as I find they have more bite to the tone and are comfortable to play. Plus they look amazing!
The build quality with Mayones seems to improve year by year. Although they were great to begin with.

The AK1 is like the first Setius I had only with a few custom features I asked for which makes it my perfect guitar.
I play a lot of rhythm parts using the bridge pickup and coil tapped neck pickup. Normally to do a quick switch between the two I’d have to flick the pickup selector as well as pulling the volume knob to engage the coil tap. Doing this live, when going from one riff to another is not ideal to say the least.
To help combat this, the AK1 has a switch which engages/disables the coil tap constantly when the neck pick up is selected. This only applies to the neck pickup as I don’t use it on the bridge.
This means I can easily and quickly flick between the two settings which is ideal when playing live.

The addition of a piezo pickup is something I’ve been wanting for a decade now. It’s great for instant glassy clean sounds and percussive acoustic style tones. Milton Cleans Up!“- Acle Kahney

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