I knew about Mayones as a fan of some of the endorser artists and I wanted to try one. When I received the guitar I’ve been immediately amazed by the perfection of the construction, the beautiful woods and the accuracy of the painting. So I immediately wanted to play it.
I felt comfort on the fretboard, the neck is incredible, it is not too rounded and not too slim, it’s just perfect, and the natural finish makes it soft and sliding for the thumb.
This Setius is equipped with EMGs 707 and the sound is as you can imagine watching the guitar: full, rich and strong, pure power! I definitely want more Mayones guitars! 
“This guitar is incredible, when you wear it you fell the power in your hands. The low end is massive, the mids are hot and crisp and the highs are sharp but elegant The neck is the most confortable neck I’ve ever put my hands on. Absolutely recommended \m/”Diego Minach

Find out more about Cayne at http://www.cayne.it

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