Years in the Swedish Pain of Salvation – one of the greatest bands in the progressive rockmetal genre, Kristoffer has now devoted himself to a solo bass/guitar player & composer career, as well as to his other projects which are: Dune & DIAL. Kristoffer also performs with Dark Suns, Erik Norlander and Lana Lane from the U.S. His instruments of choice are two Comodous-6 Custom Basses (one fretted and one fretless), two BE Exotic basses, and a Legend guiar.
Kristoffer uses two Comodus-6 Custom Bass and Comodous-6 Fretless. Both guitars come in a similar specification, featuring Eye Poplar tops (natural wod color, gloss finish), Ebony fingerboards, Bartolini soapbar pickups & Aguilar built-in preamps. Schaller strings-thru-body bridges with piezo. The fretted bass has been additionally customized by abalone ‘catpaw’ markers on the fingerboard. Kristoffer is a great fan of cats…

‘What hit me first was the rich sound and great craftsmanship”, Kristoffer commnents his reasons to choose Mayo as his primary instruments. “Then I was amazed when I saw all the custom posibillities that give you a unique and very personal instrument,” he adds.
Now I’m still amazed about the great sustain these basses give. I just struck a note and it keeps on ringing with full, warm tone for as long as I want. I will play these instruments for the rest of my life, I’m pretty sure of that!”
Take a look at Kristoffer’s basses in our Custom Shop Gallery
Starting his solo career – Kristoffer needed a prefessional guitar and he set up with Mayones Setius VIN in blue-burst color, equipped with Seymour Duncan SH2/SH4)pickups. You can listen to Kristoffer’s sample solo track in a specialy composed song “Ya Hungry” – where he plays both bass & guitar parts on Mayones instruments exclusively.


Kristoffer Gildenlow Uses

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