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Setius Gothic

Setius Pro

Setius Alpha

Last Models Available. Discontinued shortly
We no longer collect orders for this instrument, however they are still being built for backorders of our representatives all around the World.
If you wish to buy this model, please contact Mayones dealer near you.

Setius Rezo

Setius Rezo

Setius Rezo 6 is the new approach to improve the resonance capabilities of electric guitars and basses made of natural timbers. The concept is based on the carbon frame, which creates a closed vibration loop encircling all the crucial elements of the guitar: nut, neck, neck-body joint, and bridge. This allows string vibrations to be transferred more freely and, as a result, the instrument offers more acoustic sound, better response to player’s articulation, and great sustain.


Project co-financed by the EUROPEAN UNION European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme Innovative Economy