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Mayones Company was established in 1982 in a small garage in Gdańsk. Today, after 35 years our instruments are on every continent, build by our highly skilled crew consisting in 80% of passionate musicans who take care for the smallest details of our products they build from scratch. Instruments with M logo are one of the most recognizable, custom made products, that thousands of satisfied customers can vouch for. The names of the world scene musicians using Mayones are the confirmation of their unique sound and top quality workmanship.

Why who? Well personification is not accidental, Mayones are employees and musicians who form one coherent body under the brand logo.


The 35th anniversary of the manufacturer of electric guitars and basses is a great opportunity to celebrate with fans and music lovers. On the 17th of June we propose a musical journey into the sounds of many different styles and genres.

The beginning of this event you will be spent with jazzy tones of the bass guitar.
Hadrien Feraud and Federico Malaman are the revelations of the young generation of bass players. Their playing can be heard on countless records with the world’s greatest music stars, such as John McLaughlin, Chick Corea and many more. Their master technique, as well as the incredible freedom to move around the scales and breaking stereotypes, is definitely a great choice for Saturday afternoon. You will be also able to hear incredible Maurizio Rolli, a composer, arranger and virtuoso of fretless bass who will perform, as a guest, with Federico Malaman.
Next to Federico and Maurizio and French phenomenal drummer Nicolas Viccaro you will be able to see and hear coming all the way from Mauritius, multiple finalist of the biggest jazz festival, pianist Jerry Léonide.

Evening we will spend with the fans of the heavy tones provided by the rising stars of our native music scene supported by foreign musicians. These excellent mix created for the 35th anniversary of Mayonesa will be the only opportunity to see and hear them on stage with Polish artists. The performance will start with a young vocalist Veira who combines the electropop with heavy guitar tones. Right after, Flux Conduct progressive orchestral metal from England featuring Mike Malyan (disperse, ex – monuments) Or lubainker (Marty Friedman, Ozric Tentacles) and Renny Carroll (ex- forever never). Next you will listen to Mechanism, whose progressive playing and charismatic singer attracts an increasing number of fans. Next, returning after many ups and downs, you will be entertained by Chassis with guest appearances of Ruud Jolie – guitarist of Within Temptation, John Browne – guitarist of Monuments and Or Lubianiker – bassist of Marty Friedman.
Finally Disperse with a great new record and a great young guitarist Jakub Żytecki, appreciated not only in our country, will close the evening.

“BEFORE” Concert

17:00 Introduction
17:10 Immortal Onion
17:30 Jazz trio:
Federico Malaman – bass
Nicolas Viccaro – drums
Jerry Leonide – piano
Special Guest:
Maurizio Rolli – bass

18:30 Jazz trio:
Hadrien Feraud – bass
Nicolas Viccaro – drums
Jerry Leonide – piano

19:30 – break

“AFTER” Concert

20:20 Veira
20:50 Mechanism
21:30 Flux Conduct
22:00 Chassis
Special Guests:
Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation)
John Browne (Monuments)
Or Lubianiker (Marty Friedman)
22:55 Disperse

Stary Maneż


There is only one place in Gdansk where such two opposites music can meet. This is how Old Manege is described by it’s staff:

“The wide spectrum of opportunities offered by Old Manege space and our open minds have led to a situation where the only constant thing is change. Adopting for 1500 spectators at a loud rock concert, and at the next day being turned into a climate banquet venue with subtle live jazz music. In the Old Manege, everday we also look forward to you with delicious coffee, light lunch and our pride – the original beer produced on the spot. “

We will condense the dose of music and connect both areas that they so beautifully write about in just one day.

35 Lat Mayonesa – Koncert BEFORE
35 Lat Mayonesa – Koncert AFTER
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