Born in Thailand, Sukrit “Zum” Sripaoraya is the bass player for the rock band Clash.

With their first release in 2001, and catalogue of seven studio albums and seven special albums, Clash have become one of the most successful rock bands in Thailand. The band disbanded in 2010 and reunited in 2018 with their first single in eight years with the hit song “Jai Yen Yen” on GMM Grammy, the hit song has currently reached over 64 million views online at this time.

“I wanted to find something new and modern for my bass sound, for both live shows and recording session. Mayones bass guitars have a unique sound that I can’t find from any another brands, that’s why I love them. I also love the design of purple Viking Classic 4 bass, it has amazing craftsmanship and looks so stunning“.

“Zum” Sukrit Sripaoraya use Mayones Viking Classic 4 Dirty Ash Purple Horizon


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