Guitar building has evolved over the years. New technologies and bold design choices make XXI century truly the best when it comes to quality and sheer amount of excellent guitars all over the world.

As a part of overall community of talented & dedicated luthiers we do admit, however, that it does not come without its own challenges.

Wood supply being one of them.

Past two decades found several of “classic” wood choices scarce or even impossible to use – Brazilian Rosewood being a prime example, and in recent years species such as Ash or Ebony.
Black Ebony, that is. Following the groundbreaking work of Bob Taylor we started using lighter, more figured Ebony on our guitars.

Natural Beauty of Ebony Boards

It`s the same excellent tone, smooth surface and response – just with a new look. The best part? There is plenty of it left and generations of musicians will be able to enjoy it, creating beautiful, inspiring and fresh music.

While we do appreciate the great looks of a jet-black Ebony board, we also think that beauty is to be found everywhere.

You just have to be open to it.

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