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I was told on many occasions that Mayones guitars have been often associated with tight, high gain tones. I agree that it has been our main goal for quite some time.

However, for past several years I’ve been striving to create an instrument versatile enough to inspire players of all other music styles.

Hence, it was quite challenging to keep a Mayones spirit in an instrument so different from our existing line up.

I am all the more pleased to introduce to you our newest design, Mayones Aquila. A classic heritage guitar with modern features and feel.

Mayones Aquila is the combination of the first spark of creativity that roots back to the early 80’s and all the experience and knowledge we’ve gathered over the years. It is a truly agile modern guitar that fulfils the need for both classic tones & look with the quality and attention to details Mayones is renowned for.

Model Mayones Aquila Mayones Aquila Elite Mayones Aquila Elite S
Top Wood Flamed Maple Quilted Maple Quilted Maple
Neck Wood TEW Maple Wenge Wenge
Fingerboard TEW Birdseye Maple Ebony Ebony
Frets Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Bridge Gotoh 510 Gotoh 510 Gotoh 510
Pickups Lollar Imperial Low + Sixty-Four Lollar Imperial Low + Sixty-Four Imperial Low
Tuners Gotoh 510 Gotoh 510 Gotoh 510

Mayones Aquila


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