Since it’s introduction in 2014 the Duvell Series has quickly become one of our top-selling instruments.
Its decisive shapes and unique design make it a perfect choice for any rock and metal player looking for a bold, aggressive guitar that plays and sounds as good as it looks.

In 2019, we introduce the biggest upgrade to the series so far. From now on these battle tested axes will receive:

Duvell 2019 Facelift

New armrest shape for improved picking hand comfort and playability.

Duvell 2019 Facelift

New neck joint profile with 4-screw mounting to increase ergonomics and
meet the demands for one-humbucker pickup configuration.

Duvell 2019 Facelift

New body back contours.

Note that the above changes apply to guitars with a delivery date of October 2019 and later Please contact your dealer for further detail.

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